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Forthcoming Events

2017 onwards 

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9th February 2016, London  Ted is chairing and speaking at the Inside Government conference on Radicalisation.  

24th February 2016, Manchester  Ted is giving the keynote at a conference for schools on British Values and Prevent.  Details at: https://www.thekeysupport.com/events/smsc-and-british-values/

15th March 2016, London. Ted is contributing to a public discussion at the Royal Geographical Society on ‘Integrated Britain?’ For the Summary Report go to  http://21stcenturychallenges.org/2016/03/16/are-we-sleepwalking-into-segregation-panellists-discuss-at-integrated-britain-event/ 

23rd May, London. Ted will give evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on integration

14th June, Strasbourg. Ted is contributing to a Council of Europe  High Level Seminar on community cohesion in support of Guidelines on the protection and promotion of human rights in culturally diverse societies

14th November, London The Mayoral conference on Integration and Cohesion takes place, with a contribution from Ted Cantle on measuring change in communities

30th November, London. The Spirit of 2012 Olympics is gearing up on legacy. Ted is presnting on ‘the power of sport to unite divided communiites and change lives’



22nd January 2015, Manchester  Ted is speaking at the ‘Re-thinking Radicalisation’ event. It is an evening event starting at 1730. Details at:

Foundation4peace.org rethinking radicalisation event

10th February, 2015, London Ted is chairing the Inside Government ‘Preventing and Detecting Radicalisation in the UK’ Conference go to – http://www.insidegovernment.co.uk/event-details/detecting-radicalisation/429

10th March, 2015, London. Watch out for more details of a national conference in London

11th March 2015, Glasgow The ‘good relations’ Masterclass is being held in Glasgow and is an inviation only event

13th March, 2015, Hastings. Ted is back in Hastings to help them with their community cohesion plans

18th March, 2015, Nottingham University. Ted’s lecture on interculturalism is an invitation only event

25th March 2015, Loughborough. This public debate features Ted Cantle and Tariq Modood and will contrast multiculturalism and interculturalism

27th March 2015, Manchester. Ted is back in Manchester to speak at a school training day on community cohesion

16th June 2015, Cardiff. Ted will be speaking at a conference on how to tackle extremist views in disadvantaged communities

23rd June 2015, Devon. Ted is speaking at a private event on the psychology of intercultural relationships

18th October 2015, London. Ted Cantle will be participating in The Battle of Ideas 2015 and will be speaking on ‘Why Are Young People Joining ISIS?’ on Sunday October 18th at the Barbican, London. Details at http://www.battleofideas.org.uk/2015/session_detail/10031

19th November 2015, Bristol. Ted is speaking at The Future of Cities event in Bristol



Previous Events


13th March 2014. Ted Cantle accepted an invitation from the Secretary General of Immigration and Emigration of the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security to address the International Conference of the  European Project  on ‘Diversity Management’. This took place in Madrid.

18th March 2014 London. Ted Cantle and Paul Thomas launched their report on the ‘Taking the Think Project Forward’ in the House of Commons

The Think Project (http://eyst.org.uk/think-project/) was established by the EYST team in Swansea to counter Far Right prejudice and extremism among young people.

The event was by invitation only, but the report has been published shortly (see blogs) and shows how, rather than dismiss those who support the Far Right as ‘ignorant’ or ‘racist’, we should directly challenge their views, engage with them and expose them to the reality of the migration story

7th May 2014. Ted will be speaking at a seminar of the Migration, Identity, and the State (MIS) research group: http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/geography/research/crics/migrationidentityandthestate/ at Loughborough University on the subject of ‘The Changing role of the State; national identity and the case for interculturalism’

13th May 2014, Birmingham. Ted is giving the first of the new series of Aston University Insight Lectures on ‘Why interculturalism is a necessary and progressive alternative to multiculturalism’ Sign up here:  http://aston-insight-ted-cantle.eventbrite.co.uk

21st May 2014, Sheffield. Ted is joining the panel of speakers at ‘The Future of Social Relations: Rethinking Prejudice and Togetherness in Times of Crisis’ conference in Sheffield. Further details at: http://livedifference.group.shef.ac.uk/?p=696

29-30th  May 2014, Barcelona . Ted Cantle is speaking at the ESF Seminar on Inter/Multiculturalism, which takes place in Barcelona. This is private seminar to finalise the international team’s forthcoming publication on interculturalism.

17th June 2014, Huddersfield. Ted is working with EYST Swansea and Huddersfield University (Prof Paul Thomas) and led a workshop on how to tackle far right extremism in young people. The Think Project (http://eyst.org.uk/think-project/) was used as model.

8th/9th/10th August 2014, Oxford. Ted will be addressing the World Humanist Congress in Oxford on ‘The Difficult Case of Incitement to Hatred’

For further details of this event go to http://whc2014.org.uk/

13th August, Birmingham. A seminar on extremism and cohesion is being chaired by Ted Cantle.

18th and 19th September 2014, Berlin. Ted is speaking at a Berlin conference on cohesion. Further details: http://www.vhw.de/fort-und-ausbildung/veranstaltungsdetails/veranstaltung/BG144004-4_StaedteNETZWERKKongress_CommUnityCohesion_Diversity_in_EUROPE_Zusammenhalt_in_Vielf/

22nd September, Manchester. Ted is speaking at a Labour Party Conference Fringe meeting on the theme ‘The importance of Religious Education in Good Community Relations’. The debate will centre on the outcomes of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Religious Education inquiry

29th September, Birmingham. Ted is speaking at a Conservative Party Fringe meeting

8th October, Hastings.  Ted is presenting on the current local challenges for community cohesion. Gus John will also be speaking

12th November, London. The EYST Think Project workshop will be held in London and Ted will be speaking at this event

21st November, Glasgow. Ted is speaking at the ‘Good Relations’ conference in Glasgow. For more details: http://www.crer.org.uk/81-front-page-articles/450-promoting-good-relations-new-approaches-new-solutions

24th November, London. Ted id chairing a Capita conference on extremism. Further details http://www.capitaconferences.co.uk/public-sector-conferences/central-government/full-conference/article/preventing-radicalisation-and-tackling-violent-extremism-conference.html

11th December, London The Public Policy Exchange is holding a Community Cohesion conference in London. Ted is chairing the event and giving the opening contribution



25th November 2013: Aylesbury Vale  Local Strategic Partnership – Cohesion Conference
“Growing Together”. Ted set out a progressive vision for community cohesion based on ‘what works’. 

20th November, Leicester. Ted spoke at the Black History Month celebrations at 6pm.

13th and 14th November, 2013 Exeter.

Ted gave a public lecture at Exeter University on the evening of the 13th.

7th November, 2013 Ripon, Yorkshire.

More Details at http://www.yorksj.ac.uk/education–theology/faculty-of-etrs/faculty-events/november.aspx

6th November, 2013, Nottingham

Ted gave a keynote speech to an ESRC workshop on Global universities in local communities, at the University of Nottingham

22nd October, 2013 Cardiff.

EYST Special Conference on ‘Young People and Far Right Extremism’. Pierhead Building Cardiff Bay

For details and booking go to http://eyst.org.uk/projects/think/

17th October, 2013 Calderdale, Yorkshire.

Halifax Minster at 18.00. Ted will be giving a public lecture on ‘Interculturalism, Cohesion and Diversity’ followed by a

panel debate. All welcome. Ted will also be discussing this topics with students at Calderdale College earlier in the day

10th October, 2013 Canterbury. Ted is to give a public lecture as part of a series organised by Canterbury Christ Church University

The lecture begins at 6pm in the Old Sessions House main lecture theatre (Og46), at North Holmes Road Campus, Canterbury. Reserve your place now bit.ly/1eGMhqD

8th July 2013, York

In support of the schools Fair Admissions Campaign http://fairadmissions.org.uk/

12th June 2013, Belfast

Ted is outlining the theory and practice behind his new book – Interculturalism: The New Era of Cohesion and Diversity. He will be speaking alongside

Miles Hewstone from Oxford University (the Oxford Centre for the Study of Intergroup Conflict)

The event is being organised by the University of Ulster and takes place in the former Crumlin Road Gaol

6th June 2013, London Faith and Communities Event

Broadway House, Westminster: organised by Public Policy Exchange – further details at www.publicpolicyexchange.co.uk

Ted is speaking on ‘Community Cohesion – improving partnership between LAs and voluntary organisations’

15th May, 2013 Oxford. Debating Multiculturalism The Debating Multiculturalism series is continuing in Oxford

Debating Multiculturalism, Panel Discussion 4:
Multiculturalism: Where Do We Go From Here?

 Prof Ted Cantle,   The iCoCo Foundation
Prof Tariq Modood,   University of Bristol
Prof Tariq Ramadan,   Oxford University

Wednesday, 15th May 2013 17:30

25th April, 2013 Cardiff University Ted will give a talk at the University which will include community representatives.

22nd April, 2013 Liverpool University. The Humanist Society is organising a week long ‘life without religion’ series and Ted will discuss the proposal to ‘Cross out all tick boxes – just write human!’

17th April, 2013 Charnwood. Debating Multiculturalism Ted is to giving the Annual Lecture at the Charnwood Human Rights and Equalities Council in the evening. further details and booking arrangements

10th to 13th April, 2013 Montreal International Symposium on Interculturalism. Ted is meeting with advocates of interculturalismin Montreal  to develop the concept and to provide a compelling programme for policy makers and practitioners. Academics and policy makers from Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Germany and the UK (represented by Ted Cantle and Phil Wood) are thrashing out new ways of promoting the ideas and putting them into practice. Ted Cantle said ‘this is both necessary and urgent, there is little confidence in the multicultural model and we need the progressive alternative of interculturalism to attract support and to make sense of the era of globalisation and super-diversity’. Expect to see some new publications later this year and for the international networks to grow

19th March, 2013 Cambridge. Professor Ted Cantle CBE will deliver a Woolf Institute (www.woolf.cam.ac.uk)  lecture entitled: “Is there a right way to address diversity in Britain?” His respondents will be Dr Varun Uberoi and Sughra Ahmed.

13th March 2013. London. Ted is to address Mercer’s Vanguard Network, the UK’s longest established  businesses network for diversity and equality. (By invitation only)

9th March 2013. Brighton. The Liberal Democrat conference is being held in Brighton and Ted will speak to a fringe meeting and again focus on school segregation.

26th February 2013. London. Ted will meet with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Humanism and will focus on school segregation

30th January 2013. Warwick. Ted Cantle discusses social integration as part of  One World Week Forum 2013 at Warwick University

27th January 2013, Conway Hall, London WC1. Ted Cantle is giving a Sunday Lecture – Multicultural Societies are the Future, but Multiculturalism is at an End! – on the 27th  Jan 2013 at 11.00. Ted Cantle will argue that multicultural policies no longer enjoy popular nor political support and suggests that we now have to adopt a new approach – interculturalism – which can provide a vision for living together in a multi-diverse world. See the Ethical Society website for further details  http://www.conwayhall.org.uk/multicultural-societies-2. Notes of his speech will be published in the Ethical Record.

25th January 2013 Bournemouth event Multiculturalism and after? Registration is now open for this half-day conference organised by the Media School at Bournemouth University on Friday 25 January 2013, at which a panel of leading experts and commentators will examine the future of social cohesion in Britain. What are the main lessons to date of our experiences of ‘multiculturalism’? Where do the major fault lines in British society now lie? Can an inclusive public sphere be created in the age of social media? This afternoon of leading-edge ideas, debate and research will be of value to anyone with a professional, academic or citizenly interest in community relations, cultural difference and social conflict in Britain.

The speakers will be:

– Professor Ted Cantle CBE of the iCoCo Foundation, who will discuss his new book ‘Interculturalism’
– David Aaronovitch of The Times
– Professor Mona Siddiqui OBE of the University of Edinburgh
– Jamie Bartlett of Demos
– Professor Ann Phoenix of the Institute of Education
– Stephen Jukes, Dean of the Media School at Bournemouth University, will be in the chair.

The conference will be held in the University’s Executive Business Centre, a short walk from Bournemouth train station. The conference doors will open with tea and coffee at 12.30 p.m., and the final session will close at 5.30 p.m. There is no fee but registration is essential. To register, go to  http://buybu.bournemouth.ac.uk/Multiculturalism-and-after.aspx

23rd January 2013, Karimia Institute, Nottingham. Ted Cantle discusses ‘A Divided Past – A Shared Future?’ with community development, charity workers and representatives of the Muslim faith at the Karimia Institute in Nottingham