Papers and Publications by Ted Cantle

Community Cohesion: Report of the Independent Review Team – The ‘Cantle Report’ (Cantle 2001). (London: Home Office)

The End of Parallel Lives?. The Report of the Community Cohesion Panel (Cantle 2004). (London: Home Office)

Book – Community Cohesion: a New Framework for Race and Diversity (Cantle, 2008) Published by Palgrave Macmillan

‘Reconnecting the Political Class’ (Cantle, 2010) in Cohesion and Society. iCoCo 2010

From Multi to Inter Culturalism (Cantle, 2011) Paper to the Montreal Symposium on Interculturalism, May 2011.

Why Diversity Matters – for Employers (Cantle, 2011a). in the Human Capital Handbook, Vol 1, No. 2, June 2011

The Far Right – Rumours About Their Death Are Premature (Cantle, 2011b) Parliamentary Affairs. December 2011

Cantle t 2011 Secular Governance In Multi-Faith Society ps 77-88 in British-Secularism and Religion  (Cantle 2011)

Book –  Interculturalism: the New Era of Cohesion and Diversity (Cantle, 2012). Published by Palgrave Macmillan

Race and Community Cohesion’ (Cantle, 2007) Sociology Review Volume 16, Number 3 February 2007

From Gatekeeper to Gateway Community Leaders’ (Cantle, 2008b)Local Government Chronicle, 8th May 2008

Secular Governance in a Multi Faith Society (Cantle, 2009)

Paper to the Seminar on British Muslims and the Secular State, London, 21st January 2009.

Connecting With Communities’ (Cantle, 2009a) Paper to the iCoCo/CLG seminar, 14 October 2009.

Mix it Up – Developing Shared Spaces and Shared Places’ (Cantle, 2012b)Architects Journal, May 2012

Ted Cantle’s Speech to the National Secular Society September 22nd 2012 (Key Points)

Interculturalism – a rejoinder to Modood and Meer Political Insight Dec 2012 (Cantle 2012a)

The spirit of togetherness – building on the legacy of the Olympics Public Servant February (Cantle 2013)

The Changing role of the State national identity and interculturalism Open Democracy (Cantle, 2013b)

Segregated schools – divided communities Ted Cantle 2013a

Community Leaders Disempower Communities. Municipal Journal Ted Cantle August 2013b

Reconnecting the Political Class Ted Cantle 2013c Open Democracy.

Interculturalism as a new narrative for the era of globalisation and super diversity Cantle 2013d Council of Europe

EYST Think Project Report Cantle 2014 The Need for Preventative Anti Extremism Educational Work

WHC 2014 Paper ‘The Difficult Case of Hate Speech Laws’  Cantle 2014a

Open Democracy ‘Time to get serious about right wing extremism’ Cantle and Thomas 2014

National Identity, Plurality and Interculturalism’ Political Quarterly Vol 85 No 3 July-September 2014 Ted Cantle

Extremism and Prevent – The Need to Trust in Education Open Democracy 10 Dec 14 Cantle and Thomas

Open Democracy Jan 2015 Cantle and Thomas Prevent and anti- extremist education

Interculturalism in Cities 2015 flyer for ‘Interculturalism in Cities’ published by Elgar Publishing with a contribution by Ted Cantle on Implementing Intercultural Policies

Cantle T 2016 The Case for Interculturalism in Interculturalism and Multiculturalism Debating the Dividing Lines 2016 EUP


Cantle 2017 In a world of hate, fear and alternative facts, education really does matter Open Democracy

Understanding-School Segregation in England 2011-2016 (Cantle et al 2017)

Cantle T (2017) Local Integration Plans Proposal (British Academy)

Cantle T (2022) Cohesion Coming of Age at 21 TC Dec 22