The ‘Think Project Report’ Launched

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‘From Wales to Westminster: undermining the appeal of Far-right Extremism’

A Wales-based youth organisation has found a new way of working with young people to stem the rise of far right ideology and extremism.

The ‘Think’ project is the brainchild of Swansea-based youth organisation the Ethnic Youth Support Team (EYST) and actually sets out to have those ‘dangerous conversations’ with young people about race, immigration, asylum, and extremism – and through these conversations helps young people to think for themselves.

‘In the past, we have been content to just denounce these extreme views as ‘ignorant’ and ‘racist’’ say leading experts Professor Ted Cantle (ICoCo) and Professor Paul Thomas (University of Huddersfield), who have authored a report on the project. ‘Now, for the first time, we know we can challenge extreme views through the direct engagement pioneered by EYST. All local areas need to learn from this success – and help young people counter the appeal of racist ideology and bigotry’. The report was formally launched at an event in the House of Commons on 18th March 2014.

Speaking about the project, Lyn Brown MP who has sponsored the event has said: “We need to encourage people away from extremism if we are to build a cohesive society. The Think Project with its clear focus on young people represents a sound and positive foundation on which we can build strong communities that celebrate their rich and diverse heritage”

The project has been supported to date by the Welsh Government and the Big Lottery Innovation Fund, but its potential to be taken further and to play a key role in how the UK responds to the growth of support for far right ideas has been identified.

The Think Report is now available on line

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